A Few of My Released Projects

Google Summer of Code: WordPress Theme Versioning

I have implemented a theme versioning plugin for WordPress. It comes prepackaged with a default database backed VCS.

It also provides a generic interface so that adapter plugins can be written for any VCS so that they can plug into the UI.

Eventually I plan to implement an SVN adapter plugin. For more information, click here,

CSE 330S Reference Materials

During the summer of 2010 I overhauled CSE 330S: Rapid Prototyping and Creative
Programming- WashU’s Web 2.0 course which uses the LAMP stack, AJAX and (now) python
among other technologies.

I migrated the course to the Amazon EC2 platform so that we could
accomodate the huge increase in interest both for that semester and going forward.
I managed to save a lot of unfortunate souls from the wait list-
Our new constraint became the number of computers available in the labs!

I also developed reference materials, labs and an updated curriculum for the course.
See the
Course Wiki
which I coauthored. Also check out the
Course Calendar from the
most recent offering of the course (which I TA’d).

iMenus @WUSTL

An iPhone app that lets WashU students know what is being served at the various eateries around campus while they’re on the go!
A python script on a crontab job utilizing Beautiful Soup parses the DIRTY html and stores the parsed data in a small format in order
to minimize the amount of data being sent to the iPhone (3G is good, but it’s not always THAT good!).

The iPhone app caches this data in SQLite database and presents it to the user in an easy to read format based on location.
It is also searchable and displays nutrition information.

Take a look at the initial powerpoint presentation we gave on how and why
we undertook this project.

Source code will be posted when I find it!


A game of 5 Card Draw implemented in C++.
Download the source!


Multiplayer Pictionary over the network. Especially fun with a tablet pc!
Developed with Zach Dumey, Josh Little and Chuck Holmes Fall 2010.
To play, first run the server, then either run clients locally or
have your friends connect to your server.
Download the Netbeans Project.

Marine Guardian

Kent Denver School 2007-2008
Implemented a microcontroller based system which read in data from various probes
to alert the school’s marine biologist/aquarium head of abnormal conditions via SMS (text message)
including flooding (at the time I was very excited that I got to use ohm’s law a lot
on this one). A flood which cost the school thousands of dollars in exotic fish prompted
me to develop this system.

I’m in the process of trying to locate pictures and code, but it was a long time ago!

More of my past projects are on their way as soon as I can track them down and remember the cool ones!


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